Hermes Customs & Trade-Enablement Solutions

…facilitating a country’s participation in Optimized Customs Networks

As we are entering the third decade of undertaking, delivering and maintaining Customs Modernization projects around the globe, we feel strongly encouraged to continue investing on our strategic mission to remain a dominant player in the Global Customs & Trade Facilitation Market.

Our recent successes are examples of our company’s ability to completely transform the Customs IT Systems & infrastructure of a country and enable it to participate in the highly demanding and competitive Global Supply Chain landscape of the early 21st century.

Our Hermes family of Customs solutions reflects the evolution of our Customs Products in a non-stop journey of embracing new promising technologies, Customs domain evolution trends and emerging international standards.

Hermes is a well organized and integrated Customs solutions portfolio with continuously evolving capabilities, able to look ahead but also flexible enough to adjust to the past and present.

We see ourselves not only as IT experts who know how to use Hermes components efficiently and effectively to deliver a customs solution, but also as business consultants who can see the end of the road and guide you through the short and long term changes expected in any Customs Modernization project.