INTRASOFT International implementation services follow an incremental and iterative approach tailored to the needs raised by SOA development paradigm. This approach guarantees full control of scope and project objectives while minimizing project risk.

In this approach, the identification of risks to a project is forced early in the lifecycle, when it's possible to attack and react to them in a timely and efficient manner. This approach is one of continuous discovery, invention, and implementation, with each iteration forcing the implementation team to drive the project's artifacts to closure in a predictable and repeatable way. The iterative approach offers a number of solutions to the root causes of most classical software development problems:

  • Serious misunderstandings are made evident early in the lifecycle when it's possible to react to them.
  • The approach enables and encourages user feedback so as to elicit the system's real requirements.
  • The implementation team is forced to focus on those issues that are most critical to the project and the customer and are shielded from those issues that distract them from the project's real risks.
  • Continuous, iterative testing enables an objective assessment of the project's status.
  • Inconsistencies among requirements, designs, and implementations are detected early.
  • The workload of the team, especially the testing team, is spread more evenly throughout the project's lifecycle.
  • The team can leverage lessons learned and therefore can continuously improve the process.
  • Stakeholders in the project can be given concrete evidence of the project's status throughout its lifecycle.