Integrated Customs System implementation projects require extensive and continuous information and involvement of key stakeholders at all levels.

Our training philosophy is to prepare all stakeholders to take full advantage of their new system from the first day of implementation and onwards. The foundation for successful adoption of changes in the daily process and upgraded technology is a solid training program based on well-established and tested methodologies.

Depending on the customer needs, our company and its worldwide partners can deliver intensive training programs accompanied with manuals and other technical documents, briefings and orientation sessions, workshop sessions and other “on-the-job” or on-site training events and opportunities.

Practical management skills and competences will be learned through demonstration, practice, role-play, group and individual presentations, simulation and case study. Each training course will use a combination of lectures, class discussion, group work and practical exercises.

After successfully completing the training sessions trainees will be able to take full advantage of the system.