The INTRASOFT SiWi Orchestrator is a system component of the SiWi Platform which implements the fine-tuned communication and workflow orchestration engine necessary to orchestrate the Single Window and Backend procedures from the point where information is submitted/requested to/from the system (e.g. Permit request, Import declaration submission) by the Trader Community until the point where the request is successfully processed (e.g. Permit Issued, Import Declaration Accepted/Released, etc.).

This requires the close collaboration of Customs and other Governmental agencies (e.g. OGAs), as well as, the coordination of the flow. The Single Window Orchestrator provides a number of services to realize the functions to be provided by the Trader Facilitation & Collaboration components and the Core Services components as defined in the INTRASOFT e-Customs Framework Functional Architecture.

The SiWi Orchestrator component has been deliberately separated from the SiWi Gateway to allow for a more effective business process and workflow management. It has been conceived to separate logically the technical processing (SiWi Gateway) from the actual business orchestration (SiWi Orchestrator).

User managed business processes, workflows and supported actions can be (indicative list):

  • enable/disable process or task/activity, configure, customize/modify, add new task
  • enable/disable, configure, customize/modify, add new business rule and supported actions
  • calculate deadlines / time limits and manage workflow timers
  • handle external events (e.g. message reception).